Aluminium Perforated Metal

Aluminum perforated metal is made of aluminum as raw material processing punching made of perforated plate. Aluminum perforated plate commonly used raw materials: 1060 material, because the material of the aluminum plate does not contain other metal elements, so the production process is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap, so it is the most commonly used in conventional industry a series. Aluminum is simple, divided into aluminum, aluminum, aluminum plate. Subdivided, can be divided into eight series.

1. Regular hole types: long hole, round hole, square hole, triangular hole, fish hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, pentagonal hole, hexagonal hole, eight characters hole, cross hole, nail hole, plum hole, Holes and other shaped holes.

2. Surface treatment:
1), oxidation: aluminum glossy series of products such as smooth surface, the surface after oxidation more conventional;
2), drawing: aluminum perforated metal products are mainly used in interior decoration;
3), electrostatic spray: aluminum perforated metal surface can be sprayed with a variety of colors, due to perforated metal changes and diverse, widely used in decoration, sound and so on.

3. The conventional specifications: thickness of 0.3mm-5mm, Hole: 0.5mm-10mm between (special specifications can be customed)

4. Regular dimensions: 1 * 2m 1.22 * 2.44m can also be cut according to customer requirements into the required small size.

5. pProduct advantages:
1), light weight, good steel, high strength; 3.0mm thick aluminum plate per square weight 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n / mm2.
2), good corrosion resistance; using kynar-500, hylur500 as the base material pvdf fluorocarbon paint up to 25 years does not fade.
3), the process is good; the first processing after the painting process, aluminum can be processed into a flat, curved and spherical and other complex geometric shapes.
4), uniform coating, color and diverse; advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum attached to the same uniform, diverse colors, choose a large space.
5), easy to tarnish, easy to clean and maintenance; aluminum advantages of large, fluorine coating film non-adhesive, so that the surface of aluminum is difficult to attach contaminants, more good to clean.

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Aluminium Perforated Metal

Aluminium Perforated Metal 


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