Gutter Mesh & Guard

Gutter Mesh is a tough gutter guard that prevents leaves and other debris from blocking and rusting out gutters, while allowing rainwater to flow through.Gutter mesh is made by hot dipped galvanized welded mesh,aluminium expanded metal and perforated metal.Main uses:

· Eliminates leaf and debris in gutters
· No more dangerous gutter cleaning
· Significantly extends the life of guttering down pipes
· Improves the quality and quantity of tank water systems
· Effectively screens out birds and pests
· Reduces hazards associated with bushfire
· Aluminum mesh will last for years

Gutter & guard (welded mesh ) is a multi-purpose mesh, uses include:
· For gutters requiring a heavy duty approach to keeping out leaves
· Vermin proofing
· Craft work etc.
The mesh forms a 6.5mm x 6.5 mm,10mmX10mm,12mmX12mm hole, is 190mm high and comes in a 10m roll.

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